Newton Paisley

Newton Paisley

Newton Paisley creates fabrics and wallpapers, all designed and hand-drawn by conservation biologist, Dr Susy Paisley. The designs tell stories of endangered and neglected species, whilst rejoicing in their extraordinary diversity and beauty. Our mission is to celebrate nature and inspire people to create beautiful, biophilic home-habitats. As Maurice Sendak said in Where the Wild Things Are: ‘And the walls became the world all around’. The products also contribute practically to conservation: for every metre of fabric and roll of wallpaper sold, 100m2 of critical wild habitat is preserved through our collaboration with World Land Trust.

Business addresses

  • 67 Cromwell Road CT5 1NN Whitstable

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Take a look at what this business is doing to cut carbon, reduce waste and help the environment.  It's not an exact science but we hope you will find it useful. 
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We’d love our businesses to run on 100% renewable energy.

  • 100% renewable supply


Check out the greenest way to get to this business and how they're working to get their products to you in the greenest possible way.

  • Carbon offset deliveries
  • Easy to get to business by public transport
  • Low carbon deliveries
  • Bicycle parking onsite

Ingredients and materials

We ask our businesses to adhere to the Blue Patch criteria which outlines traceability and ethical sourcing. Please contact the business concerned if you have any specific enquiries.

  • Product traceability
  • Restored, repaired, recycled, upcycled
  • Locally grown
  • Palm oil free


Help reduce landfill and reduce dependance on virgin packaging materials.

  • 100% Recycled packaging
  • Packaging sized appropriately to minimise waste

The work environment

Here are some initiatives taken by Blue Patch businesses to reduce the amount of energy consumed.

  • Workplace energy procedures (eg switching off PCs and lights)
  • LED lighting
  • Controlled heating and ventilation
  • Insulated workspace
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