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Nursery, garden shop and orchard/fruit tree specialists by Edibleculture

In the summer we grow brilliant edibles including herbs & veg... in the winter we plan, install and maintain orchards. By orchards it can be from a single trained tree to up to 100+ trees (you can take any part of our service!) Our methodology is low impact and maximum crop, we specialise in heritage/interesting varieties, setting up preventative systems for pest control and even use chemical free coppice posts to support your trees. Phone 01795 537662
Our plants are all grown in peat free compost with no use of pesticides or unnatural fertilizers. We do not claim organic status. We are specialists in companion planting, we love to experiment with new varieties and mixing up plants when we design whole garden spaces. We understand permaculture and forest gardening principles but do not adhere to these processes unless requested, contact us for a discussion about your requirements.
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