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Loop Collection Oval Mirror by Tom Trimmins Woodwork

A thin loop of beautiful walnut, oak, scorched oak or olive ash is carefully cut from an exceptional board before being steam-bent around a perfectly cut mirror. I hand carve the shaker style swallow-tail joint based on a traditional pattern using just a knife. It's then clasped together with special copper nails made on vintage machines in America. My new scorched oak finish puts an appealing wave into the frame as it distorts the wood giving a more organic feel, it can be scorched to black or slightly lighter depending on the look you would like.
Comes with top quality hanging fittings attached to allow portrait or landscape orientation as well as heavy duty hanging hook. Finished with eco-friendly oil.Made to order in 4-6 weeks. Approx sizes in cm, all 4.7cm deep: Oval XL: 119.5 x 84.5 Oval L: 84.5 x 60.5, Round: L: 84.5 Oval M: 60.5 x 42.5, Round M: 60.5 Oval S: 42.5 x 30.5, Round S: 42.5
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