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Cooking Classes, London by Cookery School at Little Portland Street

Cookery School at Little Portland Street is one of London’s leading cooking schools. With a focus on sustainability and education, we endeavour to demystify cooking and celebrate good home cooking skills. The kitchen is run with the environment in mind, using high quality, primarily organic, sustainable ingredients and the school is proud to be London's most sustainable cooking school, rated three stars from the Sustainable Restaurant Association. Classes and courses are for all ages; from half-day to full-day classes, to longer courses, to a full-time six-week professional qualification we aim to help grow the next generation of sustainable cooks!
While all Cookery School at Little Portland Street events are run with sustainability front of mind, we now offer a sustainable event package for corporate clients. It combines the confidence-building cooking of a Cookery School event with a unique look at the environmental issues affecting our food today. Attendees create delicious dishes that minimise waste and use less meat, while learning about sustainability concepts such as carbon footprints, sourcing ingredients and seasonality. It’s a very ‘han
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