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Cashmere Lavender Bags by Ava Innes

Lavender bags have many uses around the home. Traditionally they were made to tuck in amongst your woollens to deter moths. The scent has been well documented for its soporific qualities and for this reason we think they make a wonderful addition to our bedding range, tucked under a pillow or hung on the end of a radiator to allow the scent to gently soothe you to sleep. Our lavender bags are made from cashmere woven in our home town by Johnstons of Elgin, and stitched by our local seamstress.
In keeping with our ethos of supporting a circular economy, our lavender bags are made from cashmere remnants sourced from from our local mill. Therefore they are often limited edition. We feel this adds to their charm and unique quality. Please contact us at - with any questions.
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