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Arm Chair by Full Grown Ltd

£ 5000.00

The ultimate goal for almost anybody who shapes trees, the first of these Arm Chairs was begun in 2012, and they have been lovingly cared for and subtly refined from that day. Soon it will be time for our first chair harvest. These chairs take 7-9 years to grow and another year to season. All of our current crop have been sold, therefore if you were to commission a piece we would expect delivery to be in 8-10 years. As we start only 15 chairs per year, these unique pieces of furniture are extremely limited and becoming increasingly desirable.

Our chairs are grown in a variety of woods, including Willow, Hazel, Sycamore and Crabapple, and are all sanded to a glass smooth finish on the external surfaces.Approximate outer dimensions: H100cm, W65cm, D65cm
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